Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I was feeling creative yesterday and wanted to come up with a new sewing project so I looked out for a reversible bag tutorial, and got one here.  I didn't follow the pattern she put in and instead based it on one foldable bag I had here, and it turned out nicely. :-)

The clincher though was that Jessica wanted to have the bag and used it until I got it away from her when she wasn't looking. So hubby suggested I make one for her too.  And since I don't think kids effectively use shoulder bags, I made her a messenger bag instead but with the same fabric as mine.

I hope she likes it! She hasn't seen it yet because she's napping right now, but I find it so cute that we have matching stuff now! :-)


  1. Hi sis! another n@wie dropping by.

    super cute...how i wish i know how to do things like that :)

  2. hi sis! never too late to learn! :-)
    thanks for dropping by!