Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gifts for Mom

We went to my parent's place last Tuesday and I decided to bring some little gifts for mom.  At least I saw something out of the cute fabrics I bought in divi last week.

I made my mom this cute Grocery Bag Holder out of strips of fabric. You're supposed to stuff it with grocery bags on top and then pull it out from under. Really cute and sassy. I made one with catcha fabric and its so simple, I might just make another one for me with this fabric combination. So cute!

Also made her this Hot and Cold Rice bag, only I put corn (the one they use for feeding chickens). Hmmm, its a little cheaper than rice, you can also do this with rice if you have a lot. I'm sure my mom would be able to use this, especially the cold compress because of the heat these days. I saw her using a wet towel over her neck when we came.

I've seriously run out of new projects to make even though I have the fabric now, I've yet to see new websites with simple projects to do. Hopefully I'll have something new to do by the weekend. 

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