Saturday, March 15, 2008

jessica's invite

Finally finished Jessica's invite. Its already mid-March so I figure its not too early already to save the date for Jessica's birthday. Hopefully this is already the final one, because I keep on changing the look of the invite. hehehe.... now I can already proceed to the thank you cards. hahahaha....

BTW, check out what I did for the object jessica's holding compared to the original pic. hahahaha... cute eh!

my digiscrapping hobby

Ever since I went to work at my current company life had been so busy that I haven't had time to work on digiscrapping, which is really unfortunate since I rather enjoyed doing it. Being a new mom now and since I want to catch up on jessica's pics, I now want to get back to the hobby I used to want to concentrate on.
I happened to glance upon this site while looking for free digiscrapping kits, they have an annual membership fee of $19.95,had 6 downloadable free kits, 1 book on phrases, and another on sketches for layouting, plus bonuses and free kits throughout the year. Oh, also there's the free website. Would think its quite a steal already, I mean this is done for a year anyways. :-) I do hope I get enough time to do layouts!