Monday, June 27, 2011

Haven't been doing a lot of crafty projects these days. I find that even though I live nearer and have a lot of free time with the shorter travel, but with the pressures and demands (most often mentally and emotionally than physically) of work, sometimes I find myself unwilling to do anything more except lie down and rest when I get home. Oh and lots of time to bond with my baby girl and hubby.
So this one, well, the cloth has been sitting around for several months before I actually had the energy to make the sofa covers. And it took me being on my 3wk leave from work (after the miscarriage) for me to inspiration to do this.
I didn't have a pattern for this.  I needed to be really close to the sofa to get the right fit, and with several fittings and lots of pins, but afterwards I am really proud with the creation.  The problem is how to replicate it on another cloth design. :-p